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Shrew's Toxic
Hillbilly Cousins

Shiba Rewards mascot, Shrew, has a large family from the backwoods in the Southern US. They call themselves hillbillies as a term of endearment. Family is everything to them and they would give them the shirt off their back. 

Unfortunately in their backwoods living, they experienced a toxic dump and its contaminated their fur and teeth! 

What’s worse, their poor pets got the worst of it! Each of Shrew’s cousins has a pet and a select few have a VERY limited pet…..can you find it?!

Are you ready to mint? Connect your ETH wallet below and mint your very own $STHC NFT!

Rewards? We have them!

Starting August 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023, we will give 1 billion $SHREW away each month to Shrew’s Toxic Hillbilly Cousin NFT holders. The more you hold, the more you earn. 

For every 100 NFTs we sell, we’ll give one NFT holder one BNB. If we sell out, we’ll give away 10 BNBs to 10 different $STHC NFT holders. 


1000 quality and equally affordable pieces of artwork


Rewards and extras for holding our NFTs


Bi-monthly AMAs on the status of the token and NFT project


Slow and steady community growth within the Trailer Park channel on Discord - perks for NFT holders coming soon

Some of Shrew's cousins lost their pet Seanee . Help us find him!

Missing Seanee
  • Mint your NFT

    Mint a Shrew's Toxic Hillbilly Cousin NFT and if see if you found a missing Seanee.

  • Find a Seanee

    If you find a Seanee, come back to enter your information and claim your finders fee!

  • Collect your rewards

    Collect 250 million $SHREW as a reward for finding a missing Seanee!

Floor Price

Everyone gets rewards over the year!
$ 35
00 (eth)

Get your own Toxic Hillbilly Cousin and become apart of Shrew's family!

STEP - 01

Connect your wallet

Shrew's Toxic Hillbilly Cousins are on the Ethereum blockchain.

STEP - 02

Mint your NFT

After connecting your wallet, you can mint 1 of 1000 Shrew's Toxic Hillbilly Cousin NFTs for your very own!

STEP - 03

Enjoy your NFT's

This is the best part....enjoy your very own, custom NFT! There is no other quite like yours. Don't forget to name your Toxic Hillbilly Cousin!

STEP - 04

Collect the Rewards!

Each month from August, 2022 to July 2023, one billion $SHREW tokens will be distributed to NFT holders to their BSC wallets.

Each cousin has a pet

Not only did Shrew’s cousins get affected by the toxic waste, so did their pets. There are 8 pets in all with one, ultra rare pet to be found.  Will you be able to collect them all?




$SHREW token holders get first shot at minting a Shrew's Toxic Hillbilly Cousin NFT. 
July 2, 2022 at 00:01 UTC.

General Sale

After a few days, minting will open up for the general public. 
July 4, 2022 at 00:01 UTC.

NFT Reveal

24 hours after sellout or at a pre-determined time within the first week, we will reveal the minted NFTs. 
July 7, 2022 at 00:01 UTC


August 1st, 2022 begins the monthly rewards distribution to NFT holders. 


Got questions?
We’ve got answers!

A total of 1000 NFTs of Shrew’s Toxic Hillbilly Cousins can be minted. 

Starting on August 1st, 2022 we will distribute 1 billion in $SHREW to our NFT holders in their BSC wallet. The more #STHC NFTs you hold, the higher percentage you’ll get. 

Currently, we have no intentions of releasing additional NFTs to the Shrew’s Toxic Hillbilly Cousin collection.

Yes! We’ll do a number of giveaways but first….for every 100 NFTs we will sell, we’ll give away 1 BNB. If we sell all 1000, we’ll give away 10 BNBs!